Luxe Walk-in Wardrobe with glass doors, pull out mirror and trouser racks

What's happening in our wardrobe space: wardrobe design trends

What's happening in our Wardrobe space: Wardrobe Design Trends

May 8, 2024

Wardrobe design has evolved beyond mere functionality; it can be a reflection of personal style and a statement of individuality. Blending style and functionality, the humble wardrobe has the power to transform your bedroom and make your mornings easier. Let’s dive into the top trends that we are seeing shaping the landscape of wardrobe design in Auckland.

High-end Retail Wardrobe Design

Borrowing from high-end retail spaces, boutique-inspired wardrobe design exudes luxury and sophistication. Think glass shelving, stone benchtops, striking LED placement, and elegant accents. These designs create gorgeous displays, allowing your clothing and accessories to become the stars. Retail-inspired wardrobes transform everyday storage into a curated collection.

Glass wardrobe shelving boutique style

Freestanding Wardrobes

Viva, Boston Wardrobe’s freestanding wardrobe range, is having a moment in the spotlight. For homes that lack in-built wardrobe space, Viva offers a customisable wardrobe solution without the need for building work. Homeowners can achieve tailored storage and complex configurations while maintaining a considered aesthetic in any room of the house. This freestanding solution is fixed to the wall, ensuring a sturdy, durable and premium wardrobe. Match or accentuate your interior decor through panel colour, door panel detailing and handle choice.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is becoming a must-have for new wardrobes, offering energy-efficient illumination with endless design possibilities. Integrated LED strips create a soft, diffused glow, ensuring every item is visible and easily accessible. The direction of the LED strips is up to the individual, but we are loving the vertical placement of this beautiful Luxe walk-in at our showroom.

Wardrobe detail LED light and hanger bar

Colour Trends

Colour plays a significant role in defining the aesthetic of an interior space. Currently, woodgrains and dark colours are dominating the wardrobe design space, evoking a sense of modern chic. There is also a common thread of continuing cabinetry colour and style throughout the whole house so that kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe spaces work together to create the overall mood. Additionally, designers are incorporating pops of colour through accents and hardware, creating visual interest without overwhelming the space. You can view our colour options here, here and here.

Luxe walk-in wardrobe in dark woodgrain with glass pivot door shoe tower and LED lighting


Handle choice is a small yet impactful component of wardrobe design, capable of enhancing or completely transforming the overall aesthetic. Pairing woodgrains with complementary metallic finishes is the cornerstone of this part of the wardrobe design process, but we are seeing an increase in bold choices resulting in sharp contrast and playful combinations. Choosing a handle option that goes against the expected silhouette can also modernise a traditional design. At Boston Wardrobes, we collaborate with any handle supplier to put the finishing touches on your wardrobe design.

Viva freestanding wardrobe kids wardrobe

Shoe Storage

Shoe storage is often a challenge in wardrobe design, due to the volume of shoes typically owned and the lack of available space. However, it is one of the components of wardrobe design which can make the biggest improvement in the owner’s daily wardrobe interactions.

We love a vertical shoe tower where space allows for it, giving you instant visibility and showcasing shoe collections as a focal point within the wardrobe. The addition of glass pivot doors transforms the collection into a striking display. Another current favourite shoe storage solution is our pull-out shoe drawers, allowing you to tuck your shoes away for maximum tidiness and order, while still making them easily accessible when you need them.

Auckland Wardrobes
Luxe Walk-in Wardrobe detail of drawer unit and shoe storage

Drawer Tower Islands

These central islands can feature a combination of drawers and shelves, providing additional space for clothing and accessories. Drawer Tower Islands offer tailored storage solutions for everything from jewellery to folded garments such as underwear, activewear and knits. Incorporating materials like glass or stone countertops adds a touch of luxury to the wardrobe space, transforming it into a stylish dressing area. Drawer tower islands not only enhance organization but also level up the overall impact of the wardrobe.

Glass top walk-in wardrobe island

From boutique-inspired luxury to practical storage solutions, each of these wardrobe design trends reflects our understanding of current lifestyle and design preferences. Curious about what elements of wardrobe design you need to consider for your space? We would love to discuss your wardrobe project! Contact us today to book an appointment with one of our design consultants.

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Flex wardrobe design, two reach-in wardrobes with coloured back walls

Wardrobe design rules from the experts

Wardrobe design rules from the experts

March 23, 2023

When you’re ready to take the plunge and start designing your dream wardrobe, it’s good to start with a solid wardrobe design strategy to ensure your new wardrobe meets all of your needs. Here are our top wardrobe design considerations to keep in mind.

What are the must haves?

First up, time to take stock. Have a think about the items in your wardrobe: are you the queen of shoes, the king of suits or the ace of designer handbags? Do you have more clothing that needs hanging or will shelves serve you better? Do you have lots of long coats or gowns? What do you need to store in drawers? Will you be sharing the wardrobe? All of these questions will help you to determine what sort of structure your wardrobe design should have. It’s also worth considering what works and what doesn’t work in your current wardrobe.

How much space do you have?

Regardless whether you are working with an existing space or building or renovating, the space will need to be assessed and accurately measured. Keep note of power points, windows, doors, ceiling height, door jambs etc. At Boston Wardrobes, we are experts at making the very best use of any space, but there are guidelines to how much space is ideal. These are our recommended minimum dimensions for optimal wardrobe design:

  • 1800mm length per person (2400mm for walk-in or walk-through wardrobes)
  • 600mm internal depth (suit jackets and coats require at least this)
  • 400mm shelf depth and width (folded garments are typically 350mm wide/deep)


Wardrobe design basics

The main components of wardrobe design are as follows

Hanging space

Usually you would have a mixture of long hang, short or half hang and possibly three-quarter hang, your wardrobe design will be different depending on what you need to store. If two people will be sharing the wardrobe, each would ideally have their own hanging space.


Shelves are great for jeans, jumpers, t-shirts, and any items you want to store folded. Shelf height is a standard 400mm but can be adjusted according to your requirements, for example if you have lots of handbags you need to store. You can also store smaller items on shelves by adding baskets or containers.


Storing underwear, socks, gym clothes and other smaller or delicate items might be best in a drawer. Drawers come in multiple depths and can be from 400mm to 1200mm wide. They can be open topped, push-to-open or have handles. All of the drawers at Boston Wardrobes come with Hettich runners and a soft-close. Keep in mind that drawers are one of the more expensive components of wardrobe design, so adding or removing drawers will impact the overall budget.


Shoe space

Having specific space to store your shoes not only helps to organise your wardrobe, but also to protect your shoes. There are several options for this including shoe shelves, shoe drawers and, in some ranges, shoe racks. You can have them running along the bottom of the space or dedicate a vertical space to them. This will depend on how much space you have to work with, how many shoes you have and, of course, your personal preference.


Finishing touches for your new wardrobe design could include a full length pull-out mirror, bespoke pull-out trouser racks, belt or tie racks, hidden jewellery drawers, or LED lighting. These accessories will ensue all of your items are stored beautifully, with everything immediately accessible and easy to see.


Adding doors to your brand new wardrobe design will keep your space looking neat and tidy and protect your clothes from dust. You can choose sliding wardrobe doors, bi-fold or hinged. Available floor space will play a key role in this decision, as will access requirements, whether this is a walk-in, walk-through or reach-in wardrobe, and technical details such as door jamb dimensions. What are door jambs? They are the wooden framing around door openings. Most of our doors require door jambs.



Now it’s time to decide on how you’d like your wardrobe to look. Finish your wardrobe design in a luscious, textured woodgrain, opt for a block colour to complement your bedroom palette, or choose a minimalist white. Would you like your wardrobe to have back panels on it? Or perhaps you could make the back wall shine through with a pop of colour or a beautiful wallpaper. The possibilities are endless and wardrobes need not be standard and boring, we want you to fall in love with your wardrobe every day!

Next Steps

Ready to talk wardrobe design and wardrobe doors? We can’t wait! Bring your measurements + photos or plans into our beautiful Grafton showroom to see the dozens of options available, and we can start crafting your perfect wardrobe immediately. If you need help measuring, check out our handy guide below.

At Boston Wardrobes, we are passionate about helping homeowners create smarter, more functional spaces in their home. We have 35 years experience designing and building wardrobes and doors for Aucklanders

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How much will a new wardrobe cost?

How much will a new wardrobe cost?

March 8, 2021

If you’re in the market for new storage, it’s likely that one of the first questions you’ll be asking is: how much will a new wardrobe cost me?

You’re not alone. Unlike a lot of other consumer products in the market, wardrobes are “price invisible”. In other words, thanks to advertising, most people have a rough idea of what consumer products are going to cost them – cars, refrigerators, mobile phones, furniture, clothes… But wardrobes? Nope. It’s not surprising that you’ve come in search of an answer.

Why the mystery?

The huge range of designs, sizes, colours, accessories, and technical complexities of the installation of a wardrobe can create a large disparity in pricing between one wardrobe design and another. For example, a walk-in wardrobe in an average house can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $15,000.

What makes this price range so broad, and how can you get an idea of what kind of budget you’ll need to set aside for your own wardrobe?

Well, it all depends on your unique storage requirements and the particulars of your available space. To help you get a better understanding of how far your dollar will go, here are six key factors to consider that will influence the final cost of your new wardrobe.

The images above demonstrate how wardrobes of the same size and basic layout could vary greatly in price. By using a different product range, adding more components, using colour panels, and including accessories, you would end up with very different quotes.

1. Space

Pull out your measuring tape, because the first place to start is to get an idea of what kind of space you are working with. We recommend you aim for a minimum of 1.8 metres for a reach-in wardrobe and 2.4 metres of wall space per person for walk-in wardrobes. 700mm depth will allow for hanging clothing, which can protrude as much as 600mm, with an additional 100mm for easy viewing and access.

Not surprisingly, the size of the available space will not only influence the required organiser components but also the dimensions of the wardrobe doors, which will both in turn affect the price.


2. Drawers

Have you thought about the amount – and type – of drawers that you need?

How many do you need? How wide should they be? How high? How deep? Open-topped, push-to-open or with handles? All of a sudden, your pricing just got a lot more complex!

These decisions will be dictated by what type of garments you need to store – as well as what budget you are working towards. So have a look at your existing clothing and think about whether drawers are the best storage options for you, and how many you might require.

Undergarments including socks, hosiery, bras and underwear will typically be stored in a drawer, as well as certain types of accessories (scarves, belts) jewellery, and some clothing items (t-shirts, leggings, pyjamas)


3. Shelves

Jeans, woollen jumpers and sweaters are best stored on open shelves. To give you an idea of storage capacity, you will be able to store two folded piles of clothing on 500mm or 600mm wide shelves, whereas on more narrow 400mm shelves you will only fit one pile.

Shelves have the potential to get a little disorganised, but by planning what will go on each shelf you can organise your space effectively – and avoid accidentally ending up with jumbled piles or other bits and pieces suddenly taking residence in your new wardrobe.


4. Hanging Space

To really optimise your hanging space, a double-hanging set-up is the way to go. This allows you to maximise clothes hanging space by having one rail above another (providing that an overall height of at least 2.1 metres is available). Long hanging space and 3/4 hanging are also handy for winter coats or full-length gowns, and can be set at custom heights depending on your requirements.


5. Accessories

Do you have an enviable shoe collection, an impressive handbag haul or a selection of ties for every day of the year?

Whatever your fashion indulgence, there are a number of available add-ons for wardrobes which can make organising your space and getting dressed in the mornings much more efficient – belt and tie racks, pull out trouser racks, specialised jewellery drawers, fold away mirrors – the list goes on. These add ons will affect the design and pricing of your wardrobe, but will also improve the overall organisation in line with your needs.


6. Installation costs

Installation costs should also be considered. It’s possible that you may need to employ the services of a builder before having your wardrobe installed. For example, if you need the opening to your wardrobe made larger to get full access to the available space, or if you need to create the wardrobe cavity by building out from an existing wall – so these costs will depend on how complex the space is that you’re working with.

Where do you start?

As you can see, there are multiple factors influencing the cost of a wardrobe, so it’s pretty tricky to give you a ballpark figure until we’ve had a chance to understand all of the variables.

Once you have discussed your particular requirements with your wardrobe sales consultant, you can then start to think about designing within the restraints of your budget.

At Boston, we have a wide range of storage and door solutions suited to all budgets. Organisers can range from the basic efficiency of our wall-mounted Select range, to the stylish elegance of the Innova range, which has the added benefit of easy dismantling if you were to move house. Our range of doors also includes options for all budgets, without ever compromising on quality and durability.

It’s good to keep in mind that whatever you decide, your new wardrobe is going to be a fixture – that is, a permanent component of your home. Quality fixtures are not only solving a problem (lack of storage space or un-practical wardrobe fitouts), but they will ultimately add value to your home. Making sure you choose a reputable company with experienced sales and installation teams will save you money in the long run – do it once and do it right.

If you’re ready to investigate further, we’d love to help. Get in touch today to organise a free consultation at our Grafton showroom.

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