Wardrobe Creation Design Ideas

Every home is unique – so no wardrobe creation is the same! When it comes to adding a new wardrobe to your home, we’ll work with you and your builder to complete your newly created wardrobe solution.

Wardrobe Design Guide

What to do when your home doesn’t have built-in wardrobe spaces

A Wardrobe Creation can help solve storage problems where allowance hasn’t been made for a built-in solution. In these instances, a Creation can be added to existing walls, for example in a bedroom, garage or laundry.

The new Wardrobe Creation can be built to suit the unique decor, dimensions, storage requirements and age of the home, and will form the ‘container’ for your new wardrobe organiser, finished off with your choice of doors.

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Whether you’re adding a new wardrobe as part of a renovation, including wardrobes in your new home, or simply want to update your wardrobe doors to suit your decor, it’s important to make a decision that meets the needs of your unique space. Our detailed design guide can help you get started.