Boston Wardrobes and Dress For Success

We know that having your new wardrobe installed can be an excellent time to do a wardrobe clear-out and re-set, so we decided to partner with Dress for Success, a wonderful organisation that re-distributes donated garments to women in need.

When you have compiled the items in your wardrobe which no longer serve you, let us know and we will come to collect them to give them a new life. Please consider the condition of any items to be donated. Specific donation criteria can be found below.

How it works

Give your unworn garments a new life

Arguably the hardest part of your new wardrobe project is sorting through your clothing and deciding what to do with anything that is no longer fitting into your lifestyle. We’ve compiled a cheat sheet to help you with this daunting task, which you can view here.

To make your life a little bit easier, we’d like to help you re-distribute your unwanted items. Once you’ve got them ready, get in touch with your sales consultant and we’ll arrange a pick up, or you can drop them off at the showroom at your convenience.

Donation Criteria

Please ensure all donated items meet the appropriate criteria of gently worn, ie: excellent used condition with no rips, marks, stains, and freshly washed. Remember, if you wouldn’t give it to your friend, or buy it yourself from a second-hand store, then it shouldn’t be donated.⁠

Clothing accepted

  • Clothing items, shoes, and handbags (women’s and men’s, both work and non-workwear) in new or near new condition
  • New or near new jewellery, sunglasses, belts, hats, caps, wallets and other popular fashion accessories
  • Brand-new toiletries, make-up, and toiletry bags
  • Brand-new underwear

More about Dress for Success

Dress for Success (DFS) is an international organisation with local branches nationwide. They collect donated clothing and sort it according to a set of criteria, with everything being used. Some of the donated clothing will be sold, providing funding for services, while a large portion will be placed in their client dressing room, to be chosen by someone new.

Women experiencing hardship may be referred to DFS for interview outfits, capsule work wardrobes or general clothing needs. The organisation also provides other wrap-around support services such as career advice, mentoring and workshops. Visit their website to find out more.