Boston Wardrobes 10 Year Warranty

Care, Maintenance and Warranty for Sliding Doors and Wardrobe Organisers

Care and Maintenance of Sliding Doors

Your Boston Wardrobes sliding doors are designed to last for many years of trouble-free operation but to ensure this it is important that the doors and the tracks are maintained regularly. The floor track must be kept free of carpet fluff and dirt to ensure the bottom wheels roll freely.

The doors should always slide freely. If they are not, do not force them, as there will almost certainly be an obstruction behind them or in the tracks that is preventing them from sliding.

Do not use water based cleaners or harsh cleaning products to clean the doors or tracks.

If you are having any problems with your Boston Wardrobes sliding doors, please contact Boston Wardrobes directly to arrange a visit by a service person.

Care and Maintenance of Wardrobe Organisers

Your Boston Wardrobes wardrobe organiser is made of durable materials that require very little maintenance. Please note that it is designed for storing clothing and other personal items only.

Do not use water based cleaners or harsh cleaning products.


Boston Wardrobes warrant to the purchaser (the Purchaser) that during a period of 10 years from the date of purchase, all moving parts will be free of defects in materials and workmanship, and further warrants to the Purchaser that under normal interior wardrobe door usage significant deterioration or imperfections on the surface of the door panel or the metal door surrounds will not occur during the same period of warranty.

The warranty is not transferable from the original purchaser.

This warranty is void in the following circumstances:

  1. The doors or organisers have not been installed by a Boston Wardrobes authorised installer.
  2. The doors or organisers have not been paid for in full.
  3. The doors or organisers have not been properly maintained or have been subject to harsh cleaning methods.
  4. The doors or organisers have been subjected to misuse, abuse, or inappropriate handling.
  5. The doors or organisers have been subject to alteration and/or re-installation, or improper storage.

This warranty shall commence on the date the product was purchased, as identified on the original proof of purchase. Should a warranted defect be found, the Purchaser shall promptly notify Boston Wardrobes, supporting the claim with proof of purchase (invoice or receipt) and written notice detailing the defect.

No other warranty, express or implied, is intended.