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February 27, 2023

At Boston Wardrobes, we love to make your mornings easier and more enjoyable by giving you beautiful and well-organised wardrobe storage. When your clothes are organised and easily accessible, you save time looking for things and avoid the frustration of not being able to find the items you want. Effective wardrobe storage will also extend the life of your clothes by protecting them and keeping them looking good.

Start with what you have

Clear it out!

The best way to get the most out of your wardrobe storage is to do a regular clear-out. This ensures space isn’t being taken up by clothing that isn’t being worn, giving your clothes more room (leading to better organisation), and making space for any new season finds.


Group your clothing by category so that you can store like with like. Tops, jumpers, pants, gym clothes, should all have their own shelf or drawer inside your wardrobe. Grouping hanging items together also helps to keep everything organised; shirts, blouses, skirts and jackets should be hanging in groups together.

Keep it in sight

Out of sight, out of mind! Remember that if you can’t see an item, you are more likely to forget about it. Keeping everything within eye sight will not only make it easier to find things, but it will ensure you are getting more wear out of your whole wardrobe.

In-season wardrobe storage

Consider storing clothing away seasonally. Taking your heavy winter coats, jumpers and jackets out of your wardrobe when they are not in use will free up storage space for the clothes you are wearing right now. The more space you have in your wardrobe, the easier it will be to find what you need!


Useful additions to your wardrobe storage space

  • Drawer dividers are an inexpensive way to help keep smaller items such as underwear, bras and socks organised and easier to access.
  • Choose slimline clothes hangers to maximise hanging space in your wardrobe. Wooden and velvet are the best for your clothes.
  • Hooks can be added for storing scarves, belts and bags. At Boston wardrobes we also have a range of wardrobe accessories that address these items specifically, making them even easier to store.
  • Shoes can be better stored on a shoe shelf. Choose from one of the multiple shoe options at Boston Wardrobes for the most beautiful shoe storage available. Pro tip: fit more shoes on a shelf by placing each pair with one shoe facing in and one facing out.

Shoe space

Having specific space to store your shoes not only helps to organise your wardrobe, but also to protect your shoes. There are several options for this including shoe shelves, shoe drawers and, in some ranges, shoe racks. You can have them running along the bottom of the space or dedicate a vertical space to them. This will depend on how much space you have to work with, how many shoes you have and, of course, your personal preference.


Finishing touches for your new wardrobe design could include a full length pull-out mirror, bespoke pull-out trouser racks, belt or tie racks, hidden jewellery drawers, or LED lighting. These accessories will ensue all of your items are stored beautifully, with everything immediately accessible and easy to see.


Adding doors to your brand new wardrobe design will keep your space looking neat and tidy and protect your clothes from dust. You can choose sliding wardrobe doors, bi-fold or hinged. Available floor space will play a key role in this decision, as will access requirements, whether this is a walk-in, walk-through or reach-in wardrobe, and technical details such as door jamb dimensions. What are door jambs? They are the wooden framing around door openings. Most of our doors require door jambs.


Vertical space in your wardrobe

Does your current wardrobe storage space only have a hanger bar? Many houses in New Zealand were built with minimal regard for wardrobe storage. The standard in most older houses is the basic shelf and rail. You can better utilise the vertical space by adding hanging organisers and raising shelves.

A professional wardrobe storage solution

When you need a wardrobe storage solution that efficiently and beautifully meets all of your unique needs, it’s time to think about a professional approach. Talking to a wardrobe designer will help you identify the gaps in your current wardrobe storage, and together you can get to a bespoke wardrobe design that ticks all of the boxes.

If you are ready to take the next step in your wardrobe journey, Boston Wardrobes has Auckland’s largest wardrobe showroom. Come in to experience, see and feel all of the different types of wardrobe storage solutions and wardrobe doors we have on offer. Our wardrobe experts would love to help you decide which wardrobe system is right for you.

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