What's happening in our Wardrobe space: Wardrobe Design Trends

May 8, 2024

Wardrobe design has evolved beyond mere functionality; it can be a reflection of personal style and a statement of individuality. Blending style and functionality, the humble wardrobe has the power to transform your bedroom and make your mornings easier. Let’s dive into the top trends that we are seeing shaping the landscape of wardrobe design in Auckland.

High-end Retail Wardrobe Design

Borrowing from high-end retail spaces, boutique-inspired wardrobe design exudes luxury and sophistication. Think glass shelving, stone benchtops, striking LED placement, and elegant accents. These designs create gorgeous displays, allowing your clothing and accessories to become the stars. Retail-inspired wardrobes transform everyday storage into a curated collection.

Glass wardrobe shelving boutique style

Freestanding Wardrobes

Viva, Boston Wardrobe’s freestanding wardrobe range, is having a moment in the spotlight. For homes that lack in-built wardrobe space, Viva offers a customisable wardrobe solution without the need for building work. Homeowners can achieve tailored storage and complex configurations while maintaining a considered aesthetic in any room of the house. This freestanding solution is fixed to the wall, ensuring a sturdy, durable and premium wardrobe. Match or accentuate your interior decor through panel colour, door panel detailing and handle choice.

Viva freestanding wardrobe

LED Lighting

LED lighting is becoming a must-have for new wardrobes, offering energy-efficient illumination with endless design possibilities. Integrated LED strips create a soft, diffused glow, ensuring every item is visible and easily accessible. The direction of the LED strips is up to the individual, but we are loving the vertical placement of this beautiful Luxe walk-in at our showroom.

Wardrobe detail LED light and hanger bar

Colour Trends

Colour plays a significant role in defining the aesthetic of an interior space. Currently, woodgrains and dark colours are dominating the wardrobe design space, evoking a sense of modern chic. There is also a common thread of continuing cabinetry colour and style throughout the whole house so that kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe spaces work together to create the overall mood. Additionally, designers are incorporating pops of colour through accents and hardware, creating visual interest without overwhelming the space. You can view our colour options here, here and here.

Luxe walk-in wardrobe in dark woodgrain with glass pivot door shoe tower and LED lighting


Handle choice is a small yet impactful component of wardrobe design, capable of enhancing or completely transforming the overall aesthetic. Pairing woodgrains with complementary metallic finishes is the cornerstone of this part of the wardrobe design process, but we are seeing an increase in bold choices resulting in sharp contrast and playful combinations. Choosing a handle option that goes against the expected silhouette can also modernise a traditional design. At Boston Wardrobes, we collaborate with any handle supplier to put the finishing touches on your wardrobe design.

Viva freestanding wardrobe kids wardrobe

Shoe Storage

Shoe storage is often a challenge in wardrobe design, due to the volume of shoes typically owned and the lack of available space. However, it is one of the components of wardrobe design which can make the biggest improvement in the owner’s daily wardrobe interactions.

We love a vertical shoe tower where space allows for it, giving you instant visibility and showcasing shoe collections as a focal point within the wardrobe. The addition of glass pivot doors transforms the collection into a striking display. Another current favourite shoe storage solution is our pull-out shoe drawers, allowing you to tuck your shoes away for maximum tidiness and order, while still making them easily accessible when you need them.

Auckland Wardrobes
Luxe Walk-in Wardrobe detail of drawer unit and shoe storage

Drawer Tower Islands

These central islands can feature a combination of drawers and shelves, providing additional space for clothing and accessories. Drawer Tower Islands offer tailored storage solutions for everything from jewellery to folded garments such as underwear, activewear and knits. Incorporating materials like glass or stone countertops adds a touch of luxury to the wardrobe space, transforming it into a stylish dressing area. Drawer tower islands not only enhance organization but also level up the overall impact of the wardrobe.

Glass top walk-in wardrobe island

From boutique-inspired luxury to practical storage solutions, each of these wardrobe design trends reflects our understanding of current lifestyle and design preferences. Curious about what elements of wardrobe design you need to consider for your space? We would love to discuss your wardrobe project! Contact us today to book an appointment with one of our design consultants.

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