Wardrobe systems for small spaces

October 4, 2021

Apartment living is increasingly becoming part of Auckland life as councils rewrite suburban plans and allow more multi-story buildings to sprout up around main arterial routes.

Smaller spaces require a clever rethink on how to manage storage to balance both function and form. Get it wrong, and you risk creating an impractical space that creates unnecessary stress every time you use it.

Thankfully, our design experts have fantastic experience in this area and can guide you through the process to make the most of the limited space you have. To get you started, here are three ideas to consider when starting a project where space is at a premium.

Understand the limitations you have – other than space

Smaller spaces can have unique restrictions, reducing the type of wardrobes you are able to install. For instance, our wide range of floor mounted wardrobes are a common solution for apartment dwellers who are not able to, due to construction style or body corporate rules, fix items directly to the walls.


Simple is good – super simple is even better

Smaller spaces will require clever design thinking to achieve what larger spaces easily cater for, such as space to hang both long and short items together. Room layout needs to be considered carefully as well, with less wall space potentially available and windows to work around.

Perhaps the best solution has shelving or drawer units sitting alongside a full length hanging wardrobe space, because windows mean you can’t extend the wardrobe space any further. You can also think about a separate storage area for out-of-season outfits, as not using your wardrobe to store all of your clothes at the same time will help free up space.

Compromise is not a word most want to include in creating their ideal wardrobe but in smaller spaces, this is often the theme of the design process. Through thoughtful compromise, we can create bespoke designs that will increase the usability of even the trickiest of spaces.


The Showroom is Your Friend

Thankfully the Boston Wardrobes Showroom experience will make the process of compromise an easy one. To make the best decision, we feel you need to see and feel the options you are deciding on. Especially when it comes to designing for smaller spaces.

Arrive with an idea of the measurements you are working with. Then, our wardrobe design experts will walk you through all the options to make it as easy as possible to decide on the ones that work for you and your space, however small it may be.

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