Wardrobe Accessories

There are a number of available add-ons for wardrobes which can make organising your space and getting dressed in the mornings much more efficient.

Check with your sales consultant to learn about all of the accessories that will ensure your wardrobe perfectly meets your storage and organising needs.

Pull-out tie rack: holds 21 ties

Pull-out belt rack: holds 6 belts

Innova shoe rack: up to 1200mm wide

Flex sliding shoe shelves: 400mm – 800mm W

Mirox wall mirror: 1600mm H x 400mm W with silver-grey trims on top and bottom

Pull-out dress mrror: 1600mm H x 360mm W

Pull-out trouser rack: 400mm W, holds 12 pairs of trousers

Pull-out trouser rack: 600mm W, holds 18 pairs of trousers

Pull-out jewellery drawer insert, 400mm – 800mm W, plain or sectioned, lined with black velvet – our most popular accessory!

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