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Sliding wardrobe doors are a practical choice because they allow you to see inside the whole height of the wardrobe, so you’ll always be able to see the entire contents of the space. They will also give the best access to the left and right hand sides of the wardrobe. Sliding wardrobe doors take up less floor space than hinged or bifold doors as they do not protrude into the room, and they are endlessly customisable so you can easily match to your existing interior.

At Boston Wardrobes, we have five different types of sliding wardrobe doors, all of them available to view in our central Auckland showroom. Explore a selection of our sliding wardrobe doors below, then come in to experience the Boston difference for yourself. 

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Make the most effective use of space, without compromising on the aesthetics of your home with our beautiful and functional wardrobe doors. Explore our range below and find a solution to suit your decor and your budget.
Explore our range below, then come into the central Auckland showroom to experience the Boston difference for yourself.

Sliding Wardrobe Door Information

Lead times vary depending on what type of wardrobe door you are ordering, what colour you would like them in, and the time of year.

Decor, Aristo and Frameless Mirror wardrobe doors average a turnaround time of 4-6 weeks from date of deposit received.

Flush Panel and Villa wardrobe doors will take a little longer as they require painting. These doors are supplied unpainted and get delivered to your assigned painting company approximately 5 weeks from deposit. We allow 2 weeks for painting and curing before we can install.

**Please note the above dates are indicative only and subject to change based on suppliers, seasonal availability and capacity. Please speak to your sales consultant about current turnarounds at the time of your order.

To achieve the best results, we strongly recommend having Flush Panel and Villa wardrobe doors professionally painted with a two-pot lacquer finish. We are happy to advise you on the companies our customers most often use.

Sometimes our clients choose to paint Flush Panel and Villa wardrobe doors themselves – if they are doing a renovation and already have painters on site, for example. In this instance, it is really important to ensure that the wardrobe doors are painted promptly after delivery, to seal them and prevent moisture damage or warping. Once painted, they should be stored in a dry area, leaning on their long edge. The installation should be scheduled so that as little time as possible passes from the doors being painted to being hung, to prevent bowing.

Unfortunately, we have had clients experience disappointing results when they have not engaged a professional door painting company, so we always advise this as the preferred option.

Our wardrobe doors are made from several materials, depending on the chosen type and customer preference.

  • Melamine panels: Most of our wardrobe doors are made using sustainably sourced New Zealand-made MDF substrate, laminated with quality melamine sheets, available in a wide variety of finishes and colours from our local suppliers.
  • Safety-backed mirror: Our mirror wardrobe doors are laminated with a vinyl safety backing, which makes the mirror harder to break and prevents glass from shattering out into the room in case it did break.
  • Toughened glass: You can choose to have clear or coloured glass in some of our doors, this will be heat-treated to induce a high surface and edge compression. Toughened glass, if broken will fracture into many small pieces which are more or less cubical.
  • Timber framing and carbon core: Flush Panel and Villa wardrobe doors are made from Radiata Pine, butt-joined and stapled frames, with expanded honeycomb fibreboard core which is super lightweight.

Boston wardrobe doors are designed to last for many years of trouble-free operation but to ensure this, the wardrobe doors and tracks should be maintained regularly. The floor track must be kept free of carpet fluff and dirt to ensure the bottom wheels roll freely – this can be done with a soft brush. The doors should always slide freely – if not, do not force them, as there could be an obstruction behind them or in the tracks that is preventing them from sliding. Do not use water-based cleaners or harsh cleaning products to clean the wardrobe doors or tracks.

If you are having any problems with your Boston wardrobe doors, please contact Boston directly to arrange a visit by a service person.

Yes, all our wardrobe doors are custom-designed and made to ensure they fit your exact specifications.

We absolutely can. If your doors need to be replaced, we can work with you to decide which wardrobe door system is right for your space.

All Boston wardrobe doors come with a 10 year Warranty, but Boston doors older than this can still be repaired if they are not performing correctly. Speak to our customer service team about call-out availability and fees.

Yes, we have stock of most of the fittings for our wardrobe doors at our central Auckland showroom. Please send us a photo of the parts you require replaced and we will be able to let you know pricing.

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While wardrobe door aesthetics make a difference in your decor, it’s what inside that counts. Check out our range of wardrobe solutions to bring ease and organisation to your home storage.

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Get a 10-year Guarantee on our Wardrobes and Wardrobe Doors

Our products have a 10-year parts and labour guarantee*. Having been supplying wardrobe products since 1987, we know that, if used correctly, they have a life expectancy far beyond 10 years.

*Note: Glass is only supported by a 2 year guarantee from the manufacturer. Guarantee only applies if an authorised Boston Wardrobes installer has installed the product.